Tabs and sheet music

ноты и табы для гитарыAll arrangements copyrights. Therefore, it is worth recalling that the purchasing sheet music 
and tabs, you do not get a license to make them freely available.
Thank you for understanding!

All arrangements are in archives inside of which are tabs and sheet music in gp5, gpx and jpeg format with designation of fingers.

Below are tabs that available today. Updating is taking place constantly so stay tuned!


Ноты и табы для гитары

Linkin Park — In the End

Ed Sheeran — Shape of you

Evanescense — Bring me to life


Nirvana — Sappy (free)

Heart-shaped box

Smells like teen spirit

Something in the way

Come as you are

Rape me


 Nothing else matters

The Unforgiven


Rammstein — Ohne dich

Rammstein — Mutter

Red Hot Chili Peppers


Dani California

 Tom Jones

Sex bomb

She’s a lady

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots — Heavydirtysoul (free)

Twenty One Pilots — Heathens


Three paths


Joy Division — Love will tear us apart

Evanescense — Bring me to life

Imagine Dragons — Radioactive

Time (OST Inception)

Boyarskiy — Taxi

Bi-2 — My rock’n’roll

Blink-182 — Love is dangerous

Iggy Pop — In the death car

Ozzy Osbourne — I just want you

Adele — Hello

The Beloved — Sweet Harmony

O-Zone — Dragostea din tei

Los Lobos — Cancion del Mariachi

The Eagles — Hotel California

AC/DC — Hard as a rock

Bloodhound Gang — The Bad Touch

Avril Lavigne — Wish you were here

Sia — Chandelier

Green Day — Boulevard of broken dreams

The Cranberries — Zombie

Bob Dylan — Knocking on heaven’s door

Axel F (Crazy Frog)

He’s a pirate 

Hallelujah — L. Cohen

Linkin Park — Numb